Getting Your Dog Ready for Summer Weather

May 30 , 2019

Getting Your Dog Ready for Summer Weather

Many people look forward to summer. It feels great to be outdoors with friends, family, and there are so many exciting activities. However, summer may not be the best season for your dogs because of the heat.

During summer, dogs are prone to suffer dehydration or heat stroke. There is also a rise in the population of ticks and fleas.

It would be best if you made appropriate preparations to protect your dog during the coming summer. The things you can do to get your dog ready for summer and cope with the heat are simple activities. I will be writing about these tips to guide you. Adult dogs are more resilient; however, extra care must be taken if you have a pup.

Keep your dog hydrated

You can go for dog walks or a nice drive with your dog during the summer. The thing is you just need to keep them hydrated and try to avoid going out when the sun is at its peak.

Never assume you can find a water drinking pool for dogs at your destination. Instead, you can buy one of those amazing collapsible bowls for dogs. They are portable and easy to use and the perfect solution to keep your dog hydrated during a trip outdoors or when you travel with your dog. These water bowls for dogs hold enough water so you won’t be bothered about your dog becoming dehydrated outdoors. Then carry an extra bottle of water for your dog.

Watch out for signs of dehydration

It helps to be observant during summer; your pet may not bark excessively when dehydration sets in because it will feel weak. Some of the signs of dehydration in dogs include;

  • Non-stop panting with the tongue out. Your dog needs plenty of water quickly if this happens.
  • Dryness around the dog’s nose and mouth, dogs drool, and these parts are always wet, so the absence of moisture is not a good sign.
  • Delayed response and lethargy
  • Unnecessary aggression
  • No evidence of urinating

If you notice these signs during the hot weather, please give your dog a bowl of water. Depending on its breed or age, your dog may not finish the water immediately; give it time, to ensure it has drunk enough water to overcome dehydration.

Keep your dog indoors

Your home will be more comfortable than the outdoors because of the cooling system. You can invest in a dog cage or gate suitable for indoor use.

Reduce play time

Dogs are always excited to be outdoors. However, adverse effects of the heat may set in after lengthy play time under the sun, outdoors. This is what you can do, cut down the playtime outdoors, to help avoid dehydration; this way; your dog can still get the exercise it needs to be healthy.

Never leave your locked dog in a car

Thankfully, many outdoor spots have comfortable posts where you can keep your dog; other places allow your dog in. However, if you must leave your dog outside a restaurant or facility, you should give it some water in the collapsible bowl for dogs, so it doesn’t get dehydrated in your absence. Leaving your dog in a car is never an option.

In conclusion, be observant, if you notice any signs that seem bad, regarding your dog’s health; please visit your veterinary clinic immediately.